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The Gîte Le Béranger, former Valsenestre school has been shut in 1936 and then transformed as a gîte by La Mure Alpine Ski Club in the 70's.

Then, the village of Valjouffrey changed it as a town gîte and attached to the GR54.

Since the 70's, summer resident of Valsenestre (the village is closed during winter period) come to spend happy days in this bottom of valley still preserved.

You could meet some resident of Valsenestre, some of them would probably tell you stories about the village, the school, and the time when Valsenestre was 5 time bigger and had 4 pubs !

From the Gîte, you have numerous day walks (Lac Labarre, Pic de Valsenestre,...)

It is highly possible to get to observe many birds (gypaete, royal eagle,..) and local wildlife (chamois, bouquetin, marmots,...)

It is now one of the main step to stop when walking GR54, but also many visitors come and spend the day in Valsenestre, sometime stopping for one night, lunch and snacking.

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