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The gîte has

-a 36 seats dining room,

-4 dromitories: 2x10 beds dormitories and 2x6 beds dormitories

-2 shared bathroom

Important Information

During summer period (july and august), dormitories are reserved for backpackers that walks the GR54. There are many other accomodation in the village of Valsenestre in case the gîte is fully booked. This is the reason why we are asking you to book as early as possible (either via this site, or at 0974747384).

For campers, a local "bivouac" situated 800m above the village is available. The gîte got a small kitchen with fridge, electric cooking plate and cutlery available. Showers and public toilets also. A small contribution of 2€ is asked tu use these facilities.


For campers, a site reserved for this purpose is located 800m upstream from the hamlet, the gîte has a kitchenette available with refrigerator, hotplates and crockery. Also, showers and toilets are open to the public for a small contribution of €2; for each of these services.


Prestations and time frame


The half-pension include the arrival day dinner, one night, breakfast,and the access of the Gîte facilities.

        Dinner is served from 7pm, All guests are waited until 7.30pm

        Doors closing 10.30pm, Guests are invited to go to their dormitories at this time.

        Breakfast from 6am. All guests are waited until 8am

Gîte facilities: Outdoor sink in order to wash your cloths, Internet (with your smartphone), tlephone (smartphone with wifi call)

Bed cover and bathroom towels

Bed Cover

       The gîte provide bed cover, pillow, pillow case, and quilts

Bathroom towels

      The Gîte does not provide towels or bathroom glove

Payment Type

 We accept credit card and cash


Are Forbidden

     -Walking shoes inside the gîte (please bring sandals)

     -Smoking inside the facility

The Gîte is a quiet place, where sharing is the main aspect. We are asking all of our guests to respect each other and the facility.

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